Прогулка на гондоле

A unique experience, which over the years has become an inevitable classic for those visiting Venice, is the gondola ride, a tour typical of the Venetian tradition that allows you to discover and admire its beauties, hidden and not, of the Serenissima by an unusual perspective. The history of the gondola, emblematic and mysterious in its origins, is deeply linked to that of Venice. Considered one of the most important symbols of the city and one of the most beautiful and elegant boats in the world, the gondola is built with unique and precious techniques and each of its components contains an intrinsic meaning, like the S-shape of the iron on the bow that symbolizes the sinuous path of the Grand Canal and the six «combs» of iron representing the six districts of the lagoon city. A real tour awaits you, ferried in silence by a skilled gondolier, through elegant buildings, illustrious bridges, unique quaint views, the famous Grand Canal and smaller canals, so close you can touch the walls of the buildings breathing the Venetian culture, in a magical atmosphere that only the particularity of a city born and experienced entirely on water can recreate.

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