La Laguna

Protagonist and spectator for centuries of the memories its waters hold with great respect, Venice hides a real treasure in the lagoon, a place still intact and magical where mankind is in direct contact with nature and its wonders. Hundreds of historical wrecks are hidden in the waters of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: medieval and eighteenth-century boats, carlingas of submerged aircrafts. This is how the Venice lagoon tells, through its depths, the story of a constantly evolving territory: it welcomed the ships of the farmers who once went to the Rialto fruit and vegetable market to sell their products, it has seen on its banks the old farmhouses and wooden stilts, also called «casoni di valle», it witnessed the construction of forts, barracks and bunkers, built to protect Venice during the Great War. Now as it was then, it presents itself as a natural environment of authentic and rare beauty, a body of water of 55 thousand hectares separated from the sea by golden tongues of sand, where colorful bragozzi and boats of all kinds venture out, exploring every little corner between unique and unpredictable scenarios. A place to discover and experience!

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