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“Carboys full of wine and grappa, casks, wooden tables, ceilings adorned with cookware and gondolas”. This is the typical bacaro of the Venetian tradition, a tavern with a rustic and family character where to drink a “shadow” of wine or the typical Veneto spritz accompanied by “cicchetti”, small samples of typical Venetian cuisine but also refined variations developed by imaginative chefs giving life to really unique flavors.

The bacaro is the meeting point par excellence after a tiring day of work or study, the perfect place for a quick snack between a chat and the other with friends, all at a very affordable price. Legend has it that it was a gondolier who coined the term when he tasted a new wine and he exclaimed “xe proprio un vin de bàcaro”, a perfect wine to party. Hence the expression “far bacara”, eat and drink in company. The bacaro-tour, one of the favorite pastimes of young Venetians and many tourists on holiday in Venice, is an itinerary among the various districts with fun and tasty stops for the Venetian taverns we mention some recognized among the best: Bacareto Da Lele, in the Santa Croce district, in Campo dei Tolentini, that has become a real institution for university students and others. Cantina Do Mori, is said that is the oldest bacaro in the city where the young Casanova gave the first date to his beloved, known for the specialty of the house, the “Stamp”, a small sandwich filled with thousands of delicacies. Wine cellars Già Schiavi at number 992 of Dorsoduro, where mom Alessandra’s croutons are the subject of continuous recognition and prizes for their creativity and quality. Il Bacarando, in the famous district of San Marco, is one of the most active venues of the lagoon city, with cultural evenings on Tuesdays, live music on Wednesday evening and the piano bar on Sundays without forgetting special occasions reserved for theme parties. All’Aciugheta, located in Campo San Filippo and Giacomo, is at the same time bacaro, starred restaurant and pizzeria. The cicchetti, prepared directly from the restaurant, are of excellent quality and often revisited with regard to the tradition with original recipes, cutting edge compared to more traditional bacari. And finally the Enobar Ostinati at the Giocattoli’s Bridge, appreciated for the availability and friendliness of the owners, for the good wine produced directly from the house and the organization of themed tastings and concerts of local bands and artists.

Enjoy the bacari tour!

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