Ancient history,
modern casing

The structure of the RDV BH was fully renovated in 2018. The spaces and the comfortable services, not always easy to find in the historical buildings of Venice, find a place here, a few steps away from Rialto. In this area, the oldest nucleus of Venice, it is still possible to experience the ancient frenzy of the time when the merchants of the world docked to exchange and sell their goods. At the height of its splendor, the market of Rialto was famous for both retail and wholesale, storage houses and repositories were built, and the first shops were opened.

When you face the Canal Grande from the tall windows of the Hotel, the atmosphere of the place evokes the golden times of the most famous Maritime Republic of the world. Our modern structure is equipped to provide every comfort and ensure privacy and tranquility even in this vibrant environment.

Venice! Is there any city that is more admired, celebrated or photographed? It is easy to love Venice.

The Hotel

at home

Welcome in your home away from home in Venice.

The beauty and elegance of this city will conquer your heart. Is there anything better than feeling at home when on holiday? The team of the RDV has only one purpose: make your stay unforgettable.

Contemporary comfort, ancient charm.

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Boutique Hotel

on the canal

Imagine a typical winter morning, when Venice is covered by the fog. Or a warm summer sun that rises from the opposite Riva, accompanying the first steps of the tourists on the Rialto Bridge. Or the crisp air of a spring breeze that lightly sways the ferries and gondolas. Above all, close your eyes and savor your breakfast on the Canal Grande… different every day, but always magical.

Why choose
our hotel

Strategic position

The Riva del Vin Boutique Hotel is located in front of the Rialto ferry stop. It is easily to reach with a 20 minute walk from the train station and from Piazzale Roma. Our hotel is in the heart of Sestriere San Polo and faces the Canal Grande and the Ponte di Rialto. Close by, you will find the Palazzo dei Dogi, the Accademia delle Belle Arti, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and the Fondaco dei Tedeschi - Luxury Emporium.

Comfortable environment

Our newly renovated setting is spacious and elegant. The original materials have been kept and enhanced during the restoration to emphasize the unique charm of Venetian palaces/buildings. The Boutique Hotel Riva del Vin has an elevator to every floor.

Qualified personnel

Our expert and discrete Team will advise and guide you to discover the magic city of Venice. Our team is here to make your every dream come true.

Wine Experience

Wine in Veneto is not only tradition but also a rich economy but most importantly it is a vital part of the culture. Our winery’s products are waiting for you in our Sala Degustazione to lead you to the discovery of the deep bond between Venice and the territory that surrounds it.

Our rooms

17 rooms equipped with every comfort will be the perfect frame to your stay. According to your needs, you will be able to choose between Economy, Standard, Superior and Deluxe rooms, which overlook the Canal. The rooms are furnished with elegance, enriched with original wooden floors and renovated venetian terraces, Murano glass and rock fire places. Details are important to us and they make the difference.

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