Feast of the Redeemer

Here comes the Venetian summer which brings a collective euphoria, boasted by the preparations for one of the most evocative events held punctually, for over 400 years, the third weekend of July in two unforgettable days of show and folklore: the Feast of the Redeemer. At sunset a multitude of boats sail the waters of the San Marco basin and the Giudecca Canal searching for a private party corner in the lagoon with lights, decorations and guitars that play songs of the past. Everyone has dinner together with the traditional Venetian specialties – pasta and beans, sardines in saor and plenty of wine – and in an evening of dances, songs and so much joy finally comes the long awaited moment: the unique and inimitable firework display, capable of enchanting the whole world in a whirlwind of light effects and special effects in a Venice that redraws itself in the water in one of its best paintings. At the end of the show, the boat party continues along the Grand Canal or the Venice Lido to admire the sunrise on the beach. Fatigue is absolutely banished, the day after both the citizens of the lagoon and the tourists, rushed in thousands for the occasion, continue the festivities uninterruptedly. It is the time for the market style stands, the prizes raffle at the Church of the Redeemer patronage, and the Venetian regattas in the Giudecca canal. A 360 degree party, not to be missed!

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