The Historic Regatta

In memory of its glorious past, Venice relives all the luster of the most powerful and infamous maritime Republic of the Mediterranean, entrusting to the waters of its most famous and evocative canal, the Grand Canal, one of the most spectacular historical events, as well as the main event of the annual calendar of Venetian Voga competitions: the Historical Regatta. An interweaving of history and competition traditionally held on the first Sunday of September, with hundreds of typical sixteenth-century boats gathered in a magnificent show, parading majestically between the waters of the San Marco basin and the Grand Canal. On board there are all the highest offices of the Venetian Magistrature in lavish period costumes. A sublime framework, admired by  many, which brings to mind the splendours of a glorious era that echoes from the past. The historical parade follows in a real rowing competition, where traditional Venetian boats challenge each other, pushed with exceptional rigor by the force of the racers encouraged by the lively cheer of tourists and citizens up to the finish line. For lovers of history and for anyone who wants to know more about this event, consult the following link www.regatastoricavenezia.it

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