The Lido of Venice

An elegant and sumptuous island located on the lagoon, the watershed between Venice and the Adriatic Sea, is the Lido of Venice. Also known as the “Golden Island” of the Venetians, the Lido presents itself as a tongue of land that has always been linked to the lagoon city thanks to its charm and that sense of peace and serenity that can be felt on its beaches. Born as a wild and rural island until the nineteenth century, the Lido completely changed its appearance with the advent of the Belle Époque. Thus, the first villas and tree-lined avenues, the first establishments, the hotels and the game rooms were created until it became what it is today, one of the most beloved tourist poles, from Venetians and not, for its beach with fine golden sand, for the Municipal Casino and the International Film Festival and for the rich heritage of gardens and natural oasis to be explored. With the arrival of spring, the air smells like robinia and jasmine and the city begins to color. The first lilacs buches of the wisterias bloom in fact more beautiful than ever in an atmosphere of anxious waiting for the summer to be spent in the beaches of the lido, that are reachable within a few minutes by ferry: from bathing establishments for families, to the free beach of the Alberoni and San Nicolò, famous for the presence of sandy dunes, without forgetting the typical Murazzi rocks. Famous to history thanks to one of the most successful novels by the German writer Thomas Mann, “Death in Venice” which takes us back to the ancient splendor of the Lido of those years, in a succession of places that have become today the symbol and history of the city, the real notoriety arrives for the island in 1932 when the Cinema’s Palace is chosen as the venue for the International Film Festival, the oldest festival in the world, with the award of the prestigious prize, the Golden Lion, a tribute to the symbol that represents the city of Venice. The Lido thus becomes the perfect setting for the renowned red carpet, with the spotlight from all over the world on. For lovers of an eclectic holiday far from the hectic life of the city this turns out to be an exceptional destination. A social evening in the Film Festival’s athmosphere, a bike ride with friends immersed in nature, a delicious dinner in typical waterfront restaurants, a relaxing reading on the beach: the Lido is paradise at hand. To organize your next vacation, here you will find all the useful information: www.veneziaeilsuolido.it

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