The Carnival

Known for tradition as a mysterious and hermetic city, in January Venice “changes mask”. A breath of fresh air leaps out from the canals, spreading in the streets a crispy, festive and carefree atmosphere. The city’s vibe comes alive for the next two weeks, in a mix of history, charm and exctavagance, painting the brightest and most vibrant colors. The perfect backdrop to one of the most anticipated events that has taken place for over 900 years: the Venice Carnival. The streets and squares become rivers full of eccentric and evocative allegorical masks of the most diverse looks, which with colorful confetti and streamers, make the magical city become a perfect setting for gala dinners, evening shows and parades in a blaze of lights, lace and sequins. The celebrations begin in the Venice Lounge, the famous Piazza San Marco and beating heart of the city, with the infamous “Flight of the Colombina” (or flight of the Angel) followed by the Procession of the Marie Feast and the “Flight of the Eagle”. Regarded as one of the most important events of the Venice Carnival, they are among the oldest and most evocative manifestations of Venetian folklore. No less important, the Grand Opening of the Carnival on water in Cannaregio, the Dance of the Hours and the masks competitions. A wonderful party to be discovered that can embrace the tastes of an audience of all ages, for this we invite you to visit on line www.carnevale.venezia.it, a real handbook for those who choose to immerse themselves in this unique climate of transgression, joy and lightness.

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