The Islands

Between the “discovered” jewels of the lagoon the main islands of Venice emerge majestic: Murano, Burano and Torcello, which have become an integral part of the cultural, artistic and natural heritage of the lagoon city.

Murano, a small archipelago of natural and artificial islets, is called the “island of glass”. It is known all over the world for its glass production and has contributed to the success of Italian design with famous names such as Carlo Scarpa, Fulvio Bianconi, Vetreria Venini. Here the skills and the working techniques of the master glassmakers have perfected, day after day, in a continuous transmission of traditions and hard work, now witnessed by the Glass Museum (museovetro.visitmuve.it), where you can admire extraordinary compositions, also from the ancient Conterie’s industry, producing pearls and beads. It is possible to assist, through guided tours, to the process of making glass works by the artisans using the technique of solid wood and that of blowing.

Burano is the island of lace made on the “tombolo”, a padded cylinder, on top of which the lace-makers move the lace threads, crossing them, with a speed that is hard to follow. Today the lace-makers are very few but you can meet them in Galuppi’s Square, in the area dedicated to them at the Lace Museum (museomerletto.visitmuve.it) or while working on the doorstep of their home when walking through the villages of Burano. The island is also a popular destination for all photography enthusiasts thanks to the fishermen’s houses, all painted with the colors of the rainbow. Here, every corner intrigues but you can not leave the island without having first tasted the “buranelli”, typical Venetian desserts, it is said that once they were prepared specifically for the fishermen, when they were forced to remain at sea for a long time without stockpiles.

Last but non least is Torcello, known as the “island of Attila”, it is today a wild island off the mass tourist routes. Not to be missed is the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, one of the most visited sites in the lagoon for its splendid Byzantine mosaics and the “throne of Attila”, for all the kiddies, a stone seat placed in the center of the square that according to legend would have been the throne of the legendary and ferocious king of the Huns.

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